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Design Offices, Nuremberg
Design Offices, Nuremberg
IRE Silver Tower, Berlin
IRE Silver Tower, Berlin

CENTACON GmbH is an independent service and consultancy company
in the real estate sector whose activities extend throughout Germany,
specializing in the development and marketing of corporate real estate.

Our customers are companies and public institutions for whom we develop
individual models that allow our customers or ourselves to revitalize and
improve their real estate assets. We provide support for our customers
from the analysis of the problem and deciding on which strategy to adopt
to the implementation of that strategy.

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience and first class
knowledge of the sector. Our inter-disciplinary project teams include
economic geographers, market analysts, architects, designer, real estate
specialists and sales professionals who all pull together to work for a single
objective and focus specifically on that objective. This is where we link
market knowledge with commercial and technical expertise.

An increasing number of international investors are deciding to take
advantage of the competence offered by CENTACON GmbH to manage
their real estate on the German market.