Real estate brands

What has been achieved so far
(as of September 2006)


Renovation measures are underway and
a few new buildings have been started.
Nevertheless, the first achievements
can already be documented now.


-  Quick renting out and sale (between
   October 2005 and August 2006):
   110 new lets and 90 sales.


-  Increase of the average rent per
   square meter: renovation was to
   enable an increase from 5.50 €/sq.m.
   to 6.50 €/sq.m. Actually, 7.00 €/sq.m.,
   in individual cases even 8.50 €/sq.m.
   are reached.


-  Tenants protesting in public were
   satisfied - and some of them even
   became purchasers. 


-  Moreover, the marketing concept
   is creating a steady flow of
   prospective clients.