Real estate brands
Parkviertel Dahlem

Residential estate development
We develop building and marketing concepts with the aim of maximizing revenues.
The plans are always based on the detailed analyses that we carry out with com-
petent partners. Tailored to the lifestyle, life phase and environment of the target
groups, we develop modular building proposals that supply maximum quality of
living for users and therefore achieve higher prices.

project example: Parkviertel Dahlem

IRE Silver Tower, Berlin

Product development
Centacon provides faster and more effective marketing and higher revenues,
because we develop real estate products on the basis of well-founded lifestyle
studies and the very latest market data. Our customizing services extend up
to special lines of equipment and bathrooms. This form of making real estate
into an emotional object has realized increases of up to 10 percent in revenues.

project example: IRE Silver Tower, Berlin more...

BVA-Area, Nuremberg

Project development
We support the owner from the creation of a residential estate idea to the con-
crete planning work. The special feature of this is that Centacon acts as a service
provider so that any added value is for the benefit of the customer. This is of
particular interest to customers who decide to restructure their real estate.

project example: BVA-Area